Taylor Battle

Taylor Battle will be serving as an intern in Colombia at La Esperanza School from May to July. She is a junior at Liberty University and is studying Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Taylor first sensed God’s calling into missions during her junior and senior years of high school while on mission trips to the Dominican Republic. She desires to use her love for meeting new people and building relationships as a platform for sharing God’s love with people everywhere.

Taylor’s love and passion for teaching ESL, youth and missions will be put to good use as she serves alongside Maria Masemore teaching ESL as a means of disciple-making.

Ministry: La Esperanza School

Opening its doors in 1990, the Esperanza (Hope) School began as a joint project between La Esperanza Church and South America Mission in Santa Marta, Colombia. Its original purpose was to provide jobs for church members and create a solid Christian academic environment in the city.

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