Ammi Scholarship Fund

The Ammi Training Center, established in 1995, has the vision to see a dynamic church in every tribe in Brazil. Critical to the multiplication of the church are strong leaders for the church steeped in the bible and in character that reflects Christ. Ammi emphasizes the renewal of minds through the intake of God’s word and understanding of redemptive history, but also the power of high, Godly character to bring long-term, sustained transformation in communities.

Students come to the Ammi campus where they live, study and serve for eight months of the year. Just as it is for most educational and vocational institutions in the world today, tuition payments alone are not nearly sufficient enough to sustain the ministry of Ammi. We rely heavily on outside donations to be able to serve the indigenous peoples of Brazil at Ammi.

Scholarships of $600 per student help to cover the costs of hosting a student at Ammi, providing daily class-room training, afternoon work projects on campus, three meals a day, room and board, and annual student-led missions trips to tribal areas.

Ministry Team: