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The decades of the 80s and 90s in Peru were marked by terrorism, the impact of which was devastating as the violence was overwhelming and the country became bogged down in a rut of delayed development. The state of Ayacucho in Peru was among the most affected by the scourge of terrorism, with thousands assassinated and many who simply disappeared. Rural peoples living in impoverished and unprotected communities were often the most vulnerable.

In the 60s, Italian missionary Dr. Jose Moró founded “Kinderwerk Lima”. In 2008 Kinderwerk decided to keep expanding its ministry through the opening of a primary school in the province of Huanta, located in Ayacucho. The school’s mission was to benefit the victims of the terrorist conflict, an entire population of people in great need of development opportunities in the wake of so much suffering. Thus was born the Johannes Gutenberg school of Huanta. Today, 400 students are enrolled.

The Johannes Gutenberg school of Huanta works in tandem with the Opportunities for Life Association (AOPLV), a public charitable organization that gives opportunities for development to boys and girls living in the the most excluded and impoverished sectors of Huanta. AOPLV offers quality educational opportunities and technical training in order to raise up a generation of young people prepared to make a positive impact in society. The two technical tracks offered are Nutrition and Food Industry, and Computation.

AOPLV also provides services that complement its educational efforts: nutrition counseling and meals, medical and dental attention, social and psychological assistance. Also, the students and their families receive spiritual counseling and direction.

South America Mission, the Asociación Cultural “Johannes Gutenberg” and the AOPLV are partnering together because of a mutual commitment to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and shared mission objectives in Peru. As an affiliate ministry partner, the Association receives donations stewarded through SAM and missionaries can be assigned to Johannes Gutenberg ministry contexts in Peru.

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