Fundación Comunidad Viva

Fundacion Comunidad Viva

Fundación Comunidad Viva is a Colombia foundation started by Jorge and Ginny Enciso, leaders of SAM Colombia’s Bogotá team. At the heart of Comunidad Viva are house churches (Casas Corazones) who collectively meet monthly as Ciudad Corazón.

The house churches are the protagonists in Comunidad Viva’s story. Their contexts of ministry for reaching the community are: La Cueva, a transitional home for youth exiting the foster care system; Programa de Ayuda Extraescolar (PAE), an after-school tutoring ministry; and SuperVacas for kids, fun events infused with teachings of Christ-centered values.

Comunidad Viva is also involved in shaping the narrative of peace in Colombian communities as the country moves closer to a peace accord after more than 50 years of armed civil conflict.

Comunidad Viva and South America Mission are strategic partners, working together to see transformation as the church multiplies and the people of God embody His Kingdom in the communities of the world.

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