La Esperanza School

Opening its doors in 1990, the Esperanza (Hope) School began as a joint project between La Esperanza Church and South America Mission in Santa Marta, Colombia. Its original purpose was to provide jobs for church members and create a solid Christian academic environment in the city. The emphasis on academics has continued to grow over the years; the Hope Christian School continues to achieve the highest academic ratings at the local and national levels.

Much of the school leadership is conducted by Esperanza Church elders and leaders, helping to emphasize evangelism and discipleship programs within the school. Many church volunteers join in this ministry as they seek to reach students and parents with the gospel message. There is a constant need for Christian teachers at the school, and as the student population continues to grow, the school is seeking discernment over construction options for expanding the campus.

The educational philosophy emphasizes spiritual, intellectual and physical development grounded in strong biblical values. With a top academic ranking in its state in Colombia, the impact La Esperanza is having on hundreds of students and their families and the communities in which they live is truly transformative.

As a ministry of La Esperanza Church in Santa Marta, the school is committed to enhancing its impact by being a viable education option for families across the socio-economic spectrum. La Esperanza can reach more communities with quality, transformative education—with your help.

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