Proclama (Psalm 96:3)

The Proclama team desires to see churches in South America (especially Bolivia) mature, contributing toward the completion of the Great Commission by being a strong gospel witness in their communities and beyond. Proclama trains churches to be actively involved in world missions by praying, giving, and sending missionaries.

God is calling his people from Latin America to go to the mission field, but there are many barriers to going. There are few viable means for financing missionaries or for gaining long-term residency in Creative Access Nations, and no start-up capital to fund potential businesses for mission. There are many training opportunities for missionary candidates, but none easily accessible to university students or working professionals. There is no strong inter-denominational sending base to help trained candidates go.

The Proclama team works with local churches to host events, raise awareness, and train missionaries to be effective for the gospel in their own communities, countries, and to the ends of the Earth. Proclama is engaged in making the missionary mobilization ministry easily reproducible and focusing on mentoring candidates to prepare for world missions.

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