Recife Redemptive Ministry

SAM missionaries, Craig and Mary Delille, walked through Frei Damião, a forgotten section of Dois Unidos, on the outskirts of Recife, Brazil, and knew right away their calling to provide adequate housing to replace the patch-work tin and tarp-covered homes in which many families were living. They soon learned that behind the thin veils of homes were other desperate needs like food and literacy training. Most notably, there was the need to know that God’s love extends to every corner of this world, especially to the seemingly forgotten places.

In partnership with local churches, our desire is to respond to the felt needs we encounter in South America, demonstrating God’s heart for the poor in their local communities. We minister in multiple areas of peoples lives in ways that let them know they are valued by God and His people, the church. One of those ways is by alleviating suffering through providing adequate housing, food, and clothing. Other ways include investing personal time, teaching, encouraging, and counseling, as a means of aligning ones life with God’s priorities and will. Some specific ministries in which we have engaged include home construction, food baskets, adult literacy, women’s groups, tutoring, computer training, teaching crafts as a means of generating income, a music school and a soccer project.

A major element of our overall ministry strategy is to include, encourage, train and partner with the local church to meet redemptive ministry objectives. Recife Redemptive Ministries is a resource to be coupled with existing resources of multiple ministry partners, mainly local churches but also NGO’s.

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