Wayuu Oasis Radio Ministry

Each day before dawn at 4:30am, a Wayuu pastor offers a devotional over the Oasis Radio broadcast to the Wayuu people in the Guajira desert of northern Colombia. A devotional begins the day and all the way until 8pm this ministry keeps its broadcast live with gospel teaching, music, news, and advice on topics ranging from health to agriculture. Also, for an hour each day, Oasis shares a broadcast to its Spanish-speaking audience from the HCJB radio ministry in Ecuador. Disseminating meaningful content with the power to transform lives is at the heart of Oasis’ mission.

Radio is a powerful tool—sometimes the only tool—to reach people regularly with news of God’s love and redemption. South America Mission, in partnership with a Wayuu church association in the Guajira called INDIEWACOL, is passionate to see Oasis make Jesus’ name famous through its broadcast ministry.

Oasis’ program manager works long hours in the radio ministry. Funds are needed to sustain him as he serves in ministry and supports his family. $650 pays for one full month of Oasis operations, which includes a modest salary for the program manager. $25 will allow Oasis to operate one full day to broadcast God’s word across the Guajira desert.

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