Hallie Dilworth

Hallie is from Knoxville, TN. She will graduate in December from University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a degree in Geographic Information Sciences. Joining SAM’s Indigenous Rural Outreach Team in Bolivia, Hallie will help begin to develop a new discipleship center for indigenous peoples in the rural town of San José. She hopes to apply her area of study to this new development. She will be using her knowledge of Spanish and cartography to assist the team with land preparation and survey, water infrastructure planning, and other planning necessary before they begin construction.

Hallie has been on mission trips to England, China, and Greece. She volunteers regularly with Thrive Lonsdale in Knoxville, leading weekly Bible studies for at-risk youth. She is also actively involved with RUFI, Reformed University Fellowship International. Hallie is passionate about community development, helping a community be transformed both internally and externally by the love of Jesus.

Ministry: Indigenous Rural Outreach

Formerly called the Ayoré Holistic Ministry, this team is expanding their reach to include other indigenous and rural people along with the Ayoré. The IRO (Indigenous Rural Outreach) Team is committed to serving individuals and communities as a means of building relationships and following the example of Christ.

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