Jeff & Beth HAuse

Jeff and Beth are missionaries in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In the likeness of Christ, they have planted themselves in a foreign land to pour out their lives for the sake of others. Their love for Christ compels them to serve and love others, even at great cost to themselves. Yet in this, the very dying to self, is true life and joy found.

They are serving at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center, where they desire to see a generation raised for the fame of Jesus.

Ministry: Proclama (Psalm 96:3)

The Proclama team desires to see churches in South America (especially Bolivia) mature, contributing toward the completion of the Great Commission by being a strong gospel witness in their communities and beyond.

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Ministry: Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC)

The SCCLC experienced severe flooding in early January 2018. So far, $21,000 has been raised in a disaster relief effort. To read more about the flooding and how you can help, click here.

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Ministry: Center for Integral Theological Education (CIET)

CIET, the Center for Integral Theological Education [Centro Integral de Estudios Teológicos] in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, exists to provide quality, biblical pastoral training for church leaders and lay-leaders of the church in eastern Bolivia in order to see them well grounded in love, ministry, and doctrine.

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