Fundación Raphá Bolivia

Fundación Raphá discipleship center

Fundación Raphá exists to see self-sustaining indigenous and rural communities flourishing by virtue of the well-being of their individual members. Raphá partners closely with FRALIC, Bolivia’s Fraternity of Indigenous Christian Leaders.

Fundación Raphá development strategies are:

  • Ministering to felt needs
  • Providing formal and informal learning opportunities
  • Encouraging economic growth and independence through development projects
  • Contributing to physical health through excellent medical care
  • Providing safe and culturally appropriate activities and environments to support the youth and prevent substance abuse and prostitution
  • Promoting dialogue and positive cultural interaction between these communities and other national and international organizations

One of the initial, major projects of Fundación Raphá is the development and support of a discipleship center for the indigenous peoples of eastern Bolivia. An initial funding round of $50,000 to purchase property for the discipleship center is almost complete. The center will offer an on-going and progressive modular curriculum taught in two-week periods. Students will travel back and forth in order to maintain their agrarian livelihoods, and their Christian influence in villages. Curricular focus will be strongly Bible-based with an emphasis on chronological Bible studies and the epistles. Literacy, cultural studies, agricultural development and bi-vocational training will also comprise an integral part of the discipleship training.

Fundación Raphá is an affiliate ministry partner of South America Mission.

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