“For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45

March 23, 2011 |

written by Kirk Ogden, Executive Director

God is on the move in our midst. My recent e-mails have shared some of the hopes for SAM2020, our long-term renewal process within South America Mission. I’ve been thrilled to see God exceed my expectations. In February, we gathered for a week each in Bolivia and Brazil. The time with our missionaries from those countries and from Colombia and Paraguay was rich, challenging and hopeful. The teaching by Dr. George Murray was powerful and convicting. I’m thrilled at what I see happening in our missionaries and in our Mission.

This phase of SAM2020 is about “listening and dreaming.” As we listen to the Lord together, He is giving us some beautiful dreams about what comes next. Sometimes patience is difficult. Our next major event is the Peru gathering April 3-8. We’ve already seen some minor miracles in preparation, including the provision of a facility we could never have afforded. Our previous conferences as well as the details leading up to this one give me great expectation.

Facilities and details are just the backdrop. My greatest thrill comes at watching the Lord gently renewing our hearts. That’s why I chose the above verse. What comes out of us is just an overflow of our heart.  Please pray for our mission-wide re-encounter with Jesus to continue to mold and shape us so that we can overflow in obedience.