Rev Robert Anderson’s Homegoing

April 8, 2015 |

Rev. Robert “Bob” Anderson experienced his joyful homegoing on March 31, 2015. Bob was in hospice and enjoying the presence of his children when he passed into glory. The family is consoled by the surety of Bob’s hope and the legacy of faith he has left.

Bob Anderson was the third (out of a total of only five) General Director of South America Mission (1983-1993). He and his wife Mary served in Peru before his tenure as General Director. Son Randall and granddaughter Carrie Lorenz Himes have served with SAM. Carrie and her husband Chris are currently in Recife, Brazil.

Bob leaves us with a great example and powerful testimony. Part of the way forward is to consider well the example of those who have led the way before us. We would be remiss if we lost this opportunity to give praise to God for his miracle of grace in and through Bob Anderson.

Bob’s full obituary is available here. You can also read about the Anderson’s sacrifices for and service to the Lord in Window magazine, pages 22-23. Link here.

Before his passing, Bob asked that in lieu of flowers, memorial gifts be sent to South America Mission to support the on-going ministry of Chris and Carrie Himes, Recife, Brazil. You can give online here.