Stitching Together His Kingdom

February 7, 2014 |

written by SAM missionary, Shelly Dobosy (Puerto Supe, Peru)

After a long search to find a teacher for the new sewing school, a friend connected Grace Cubas with Lucila. A seamstress by trade, she seemed the ideal candidate to be put in charge of teaching the students. We did not know that God was also working in her life, using her daughter’s illness and other external factors to turn her towards him. Once again God’s perfect timing met need with need in a miraculously choreographed dance of grace.

As the sewing class met during the year, Grace walked with them through the Gospel of John for a few minutes each night. Lucila loved to read and always volunteered answers to Grace’s questions. She began coming to church in January of last year, gave her life to Christ on Good Friday, and is now studying the Bible regularly with Grace outside of the sewing devotional times.

Lucila faces a struggle with her family; leaving the Catholic Church often leads to ridicule and rejection because Catholicism is as much culture as it is religion here in our community. Lucila has shared her decision with family and friends, and despite the lack of support she receives, she is hungry for more of God’s Word. She seeks to live out the things she is learning, and longs for her husband and children to know Christ. We are praying that Lucila’s testimony would soften the hearts of her family members.

Lucila has proven an answer to our prayers and our church is an answer to hers. What a remarkable God we serve who stitches together things beautiful and useful out of things broken and forgotten!