COVID Compassion Fund

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Latin America is now the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve donated tons (literally) of provisions to under-resourced families, to the elderly and orphans; we’ve prayed for, and witnessed to, thousands along the way; we’ve provided life-saving medical supplies—all because of the generosity of you, our donors, who make COVID Compassion ministry and relief possible.

Now that Latin America has emerged as the pandemic’s epicenter, the economic, social and healthcare vulnerabilities in our countries of service are being exposed to a far greater extent. We see and feel the severe impact on families in our communities. In response we’re determined to continue and expand our compassion outreach.

Donations to the COVID Compassion Fund will enable us to award grants across our missionary and partner network in Latin America. The grants enable individuals and ministries to respond to the needs that have arisen in their communities. This BLOG POST shares stories of how we’ve been living out the gospel in word and deed in response to the great needs.

He is making all things new and as his image bearers, as his sons and daughters, we have a role in redemption. We don’t wait idly by, instead we proclaim truth and beauty, we bear light in the way we love our neighbors, and show empathy and compassion by walking with the oppressed and uplifting the marginalized.

With your financial partnership, we’ll be able to continue to award grants to our missionary team and partners throughout this year as they continue to respond. Please join this effort as you are able and as the Lord leads.