Educational Ministries—AOPLV Huanta

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The Asociación Oportunidades Para La Vida (AOPLV), Opportunities for Life Association, is an organization which serves the most excluded and impoverished sectors of Huanta, Peru. Together with The Johannes Gutenberg school, AOPLV offers quality education and technical training to prepare the next generation to positively impact society. The two technical tracks offered are Nutrition and Food Industry, and Computation.

AOPLV also provides other services to the community: nutrition counseling and meals, medical and dental attention, and social and psychological assistance. Also, the students and their families receive spiritual counseling and direction.

In the 60s, Italian missionary Dr. Jose Moró founded “Kinderwerk Lima”.  In 2008, Kinderwerk expanded its ministry through the opening of a primary school in Huanta, located in the state of Ayacucho. The school’s mission was to help the victims of the devastating terrorist violence of the 1980s and 90s. Because of this, the Johannes Gutenberg school of Huanta formed, and it currently enrolls 400 students.

South America Mission, the Asociación Cultural “Johannes Gutenberg”, and the AOPLV are partnering together because of a mutual commitment to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and shared vision for the future of Peru. AOPLV’s mission is to support and develop responsible youth who are rooted in Christ. Through this partnership, the youth of Huanta have the opportunity to discover the redeeming hope of the Gospel and receive practical training in life skills.

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