Las Palmas Church Plant

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Las Palmas is a church plant effort which formed out of the Professional Class Ministry in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We desire for the church to be an active, loving body that meets regularly and ministers both inside and outside the group, thereby forming a God honoring community of faith.

Many who participate in this ministry group are un-churched or from a Catholic background, with little understanding of the Bible. They often value “tradition” and are open to spiritual truth if approached in a way that acknowledges their individuality. Many in the professional class have had negative experiences with the traditional evangelical church, especially with legalism.

Professional class families work long hours and typically have a nanny caring for the children. When they are off work, they greatly value family time, but marriage and parenting challenges abound. There is an ongoing awareness of the political situation and what the future holds, and this concern has contributed to more spiritual openness. Through the Las Palmas ministry, a number have made formal decisions for Christ and professions of faith, while others are growing into faith in Jesus. This growing body of believers meet regularly for worship and Bible studies.

Ministry Team: