Instituto Teológico Práctico

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The Instituto Teológico Práctico (INTEP) is a church leadership training initiative based in Pucallpa, Peru.  INTEP exists to develop local churches by cultivating spiritual maturity among church leaders, healthy relationships and competencies in core gospel ministry areas.

INTEP has developed its training model to serve the large jungle city of Pucallpa, Peru where often a formal education is challenging to obtain. Since its inception in 2012, INTEP has placed more than 40 graduates in leadership positions in local churches.

The leadership for INTEP is Peruvian and their strategy for strengthening the local church is to first strengthen their leaders. The majority of church leaders in Pucallpa, Peru lacked formal training before INTEP’s formation. Graduates of INTEP regularly reflect growth in spiritual maturity and in leadership skills.

Involvement with INTEP directly enables pastors and church leadership to better lead their congregations. In their time at the Institute, church leaders will learn how to interpret didactic scripture, how to train others for discipleship, how to lead the Lord’s Supper, and how to counsel their congregation on family and financial issues.

As this ministry continues to grow, the Peruvian leadership will face decisions on location changes and financing. A donation to INTEP directly enhances the quality of church ministry in Pucallpa, Peru and helps equip pastors to reach this city for Christ’s glory.