SAM Recife HQ

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Families visit and sit on the headquarter’s lawn to hear music performed by Touch of the Master Music School students. SAM Recife’s missionary team and their Brazilian partners pray together and collaborate in the Recife HQ conference room. Local sports ministry leaders come and go to retrieve soccer gear from their storage building on site. International missions teams spend their nights here, right in the middle of the community where God has sent them to serve.

SAM Recife’s new headquarters property is an important venue for transformational community presence. It has also created the space to bring people together, those sent and those receiving, so that the most important thing about Christian presence can transpire—the fullness of God filling everything in every way.

We Need Your Support

We’re raising $95,000 to purchase the SAM Recife HQ. Would you give today, making an investment in an expanded gospel presence and influence in Brazil? You can give using the donation form at right, or email Craig DeLille to learn more: Take a few minutes to watch the video below.

Ministry Team: