SAM Center Brazil

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SAM Center Brazil (click for a visual story of the project)

The South America Mission Center in Brazil (SAM Center Brazil) exists to see gospel transformation in the hearts and lives of our neighbors. We believe that presence, action, and the testimony of God’s redemptive work in our own lives are the most effective means through which God brings redemption to others.

One aspect of our ministry calls for us to create dedicated space to prepare, equip and train leaders. These leaders are agents of change who immerse themselves in the ways of Jesus and his disciples. People called to “preach good news to the poor…to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to release the oppressed.”

Situated on 7.5 acres, our dedicated space is located 30 minutes north of Recife in Igarassu. We focus on training intensives, special events, and gospel-centered outreach ideation. We also offer modules geared around the strategic implementation of outreach efforts. Additionally, we provide soul care through retreats and counseling services. SAM Center Brazil promotes Christ-centered engagement of communities throughout the northeastern region of Brazil, for which Recife is a strategic hub.

Vision—To see wholistic, gospel transformation in Recife and beyond. In the isolated communities of indigenous, migrant Gypsies, slave descendants, and millions of marginalized rural peoples. Develop leaders to engage these communities as the body of Christ.

Ethos—SAM Center Brazil will advance ministry that engages communities in truth, love, and mercy. We also collaborate closely with other organizations and ministries to accomplish our purposes. A few of our partners are City to City Latin America, Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA), Stephen Ministry, Pioneers, Igreja Batista Sião, and Projeto Amanajé.

Strategy/Outcomes—We’re developing leaders. People on staff at local churches, lay people within, youth who want to make a difference for good and justice. Plus, professionals who see a need for transformation in the marketplace.

Ministry Team: