SIEMBRA Adult Education

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SIEMBRA (SAM Instructional & Educational Ministry in Bolivia Reaching Adults) aims to see the lives of the professional class and university students of Bolivia transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.  The word “siembra” in Spanish means “to plant” or “to sow”. Through continuing education, we seek to both plant and water Gospel seeds. We make use of our gifting and training in the field of education in order to reach those who otherwise may never be reached.

Many university students and professionals value education but have little understanding of the Bible. They are open to spiritual truth if approached in a way that acknowledges their individuality and are particularly open when truth is presented in an academic environment.  Professionals and university students in Bolivia value relationships highly and are much more open to exploring issues of faith when presented by someone they trust. The number of professionals and university students is growing in Latin America and many do or will hold positions of influence in their community.

We use education and our training to share the Gospel. We help students and professionals to know Jesus and grow in their faith.  Through seminars and workshops, university instruction, English education courses and other fellowship opportunities, we serve the university and professional communities in Bolivia. Through this adult education ministry, a number have made formal decisions for Christ and professions of faith, while others are growing into faith in Jesus.

Through SIEMBRA we seek to extend the reach of the Gospel, transform society and fulfill the commission to “make disciples of all the nations.”