Bittner, Micah & Haley

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Micah and Haley, using their God-given talents of hospitality and discipleship, actively serve together in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Micah serves as the program manager and aircraft mechanic for the SAMAIR Bolivia team. In his program manager role, he handles all the necessary paperwork to maintain SAMAIR’s legal and operational status in Bolivia. Additionally, he collaborates with ministry partners to ensure the ministry brings life through the Gospel of Christ. As an aircraft mechanic, Micah diligently maintains and repairs aircraft while also assisting fellow missionaries and local Bolivians in remote areas with various mechanical and electrical issues with vehicles, generators, boats, or houses.

Not only do Micah and Haley dedicate themselves to their work with SAMAIR, but they are also deeply involved in their local church, Antioquia 1. Within the church community, Haley leads a weekly prayer meeting for mothers, providing spiritual support and encouragement. They both take an active role in leading a weekly marriage group. Micah further contributes to the church by supporting the sound and tech team during services and special events.

Micah lived in Papua New Guinea for 12 years, where his parents served with New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos360). He and Haley met at Moody Bible Institute. Soon after Micah received his A&P license, they married. They have two boys.

    Ministry: SAMAIR Bolivia

    SAMAIR Bolivia plays a crucial role in a mission to carry the Gospel into the most remote areas of the Bolivian countryside. We assist in evangelism, pastoral support, and strengthening the body of Christ through discipleship and leadership formation.

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