Himes, Chris & Carrie

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Chris and Carrie are missionaries in Recife, Brazil. Chris grew up in the church but the gospel never penetrated his heart. He gave up on religion during his college years, and although he was a “good person”, he lived for himself and his love for soccer. Christ rescued Chris after he graduated from college and started working in Florida. Carrie grew up in a Christian home and accepted the Lord as her Savior at a young age. Missions has always been a big part of her life as her grandparents and even her great-grandmother served as missionaries with South America Mission.

Soccer has been a reoccurring theme in their lives and relationship. They met playing soccer with friends, Chris proposed on the soccer field, and they even had a soccer match at their wedding in February 2011.

The Himes are part of the Recife Redemptive Ministry team, which exists to reach the least of these with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. The base of operations is an impoverished suburb of Recife called Dois Unidos. The Recife team wants to see entire communities transformed holistically—for God’s glory—through evangelism, lifestyle witness and engagement with communities. As they serve, they seek to be a model for the local churches to work for transformation as well. One key area of ministry for the Himes involves soccer, using the sport as an evangelism platform and tool for discipling youth from the local neighborhoods.

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    Ministry: SAM Recife HQ

    Families visit and sit on the headquarter’s lawn to hear music performed by Touch of the Master Music School students. SAM Recife’s missionary team and their Brazilian partners pray together and collaborate in the Recife HQ conference room.

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    Ministry: Touch of the Master Music School

    For South America Mission’s Recife Redemptive Ministries team, music is a platform to reach the Dois Unidos community for Christ. Recently, this platform progressed to the opening of a music ministry in Dois Unidos—Touch of the Master Music School (TMMS).

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    Ministry: Recife Redemptive Ministry

    SAM missionaries, Craig and Mary Delille, walked through Frei Damião, a forgotten section of Dois Unidos, on the outskirts of Recife, Brazil, and knew right away their calling to provide adequate housing to replace the patch-work tin and tarp-covered homes in which many families were living.

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