Dahl, Greg

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Greg and his wife, Susana, are missionaries in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Married in 2020, they have a son, Samuel. Greg is originally from Minnesota where he worked as an airline mechanic and studied to be a mission pilot.  Susana is from Santa Cruz where she is a licensed dentist with a specialty in orthodontics.

Greg leads SAMAIR Bolivia. Teaming up with the national church, SAMAIR focuses on mission opportunities in isolated communities in the eastern and northern lowlands of Bolivia.  SAMAIR seeks to assist in meeting spiritual and physical needs.  Providing transportation and other logistical support, they expose the national church and local medical professionals to the great needs that, while exist inside of their borders, are far removed from their life in the city.  Greg had already been in Bolivia for 15 years when he and Susana met on just such a trip in 2018.  At that time, Susana had her own practice that allowed her the flexibility to serve on mission trips.

From a young age, Susana knew that she wanted to be a dentist so that she could help people. While still studying, she began to combine her skills with her faith, participating in medical mission trips with her local church. Susana has pulled back on her dental practice to be a full-time mother to Samuel. This also allows her to more effectively serve on medical ministry trips with Greg. Wherever SAMAIR lands, there are always people of all ages that need a dentist. Not just a cleaning, but for a real problem. Their dental problems cause real suffering without anywhere to turn for help.  Susana is invariably the busiest member of a medical team and works tirelessly to serve the needy.

    Ministry: SAMAIR Bolivia

    SAMAIR is the vital link in a mission effort to carry the Gospel into the most remote areas of the Bolivian countryside, assisting in evangelism, pastoral support and strengthening the body of Christ through discipleship and leadership formation.

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