Weigner, Jason & Jenna

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The Weigners serve together in Bolivia with their four boys. They strengthen the church through community development, discipleship, and medical ministry.

Jason and Jenna are part of SAM Bolivia’s Indigenous Rural Outreach team (IRO). IRO’s vision entails seeing a truly independent tribal and rural church where believers embrace responsibility for their and their neighbors’ spiritual and physical well-being. The team endeavors to build relationships through service and ministry to the whole person. This enables believers to work toward a quality of life that reflects the image of God and His transforming power.

Jason is an agronomist, and Jenna is a midwife. Working alongside Bolivian ministry leaders and workers, they build sustainable, gospel-centered communities among eastern Bolivia’s indigenous and rural peoples.

    Ministry: Indigenous Rural Outreach

    The Indigenous Rural Outreach (IRO) team dedicates itself to serving individuals and rural communities in Bolivia. We do this by cultivating relationships and following the example of Christ. We strive to minister to both the physical and spiritual needs of the community.

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