Weigner, Jason & Jenna

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The Weigners serve together in Bolivia. They strengthen the church through community development, discipleship, and medical ministry. Jason and Jenna are part of SAM Bolivia’s Indigenous Rural Outreach team. The team works to develop leaders for the Bolivian indigenous church. In addition, they aim to foster the well-being and sustain the livelihoods of those living in difficult economic and social situations.

Jason is an agronomist and Jenna a midwife. Together they build sustainable, gospel-centered communities among the indigenous and rural peoples of eastern Bolivia.

    Ministry: Indigenous Rural Outreach

    Formerly called the Ayoré Holistic Ministry, this team is expanding their reach to include other indigenous and rural people along with the Ayoré. The IRO (Indigenous Rural Outreach) Team is committed to serving individuals and communities as a means of building relationships and following the example of Christ.

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    Ministry: Fundación Raphá Bolivia

    Fundación Raphá exists to see self-sustaining indigenous and rural communities flourishing by virtue of the well-being of their individual members. Raphá partners closely with FRALIC, Bolivia’s Fraternity of Indigenous Christian Leaders.

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