Kienzle, Paul & Laura

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Paul and Laura Kienzle have been missionaries with SAM since 1985. They served in Peru and Bolivia for over 25 years before transitioning back to the US. When they left Bolivia, they were serving at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center and in a professional class church plant in Santa Cruz. Upon returning to the US, they served a two-year term as Mission Directors for Grace Church in Racine, WI. They are now on-loan to Mission Adelante in Kansas City, KS.

Mission Adelante is an urban, multicultural ministry that works with immigrant populations and seeks to help them thrive and use their gifts for the good of the community, all within the larger context of knowing Christ. The Kienzles are working with the Latino population in the area, loving and sharing life with them.

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    At the heart of God’s strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission is the multiplication of the church. “Going” and “making disciples” and “church” are all fundamentally about people, God’s redemptive agents.

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