Kitron, Marshall & Becca

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Before Marshall and Becca Kitron ever met, God placed a deeply rooted love for the people of Peru in their hearts. After graduating from the University of Florida in 2000, Marshall spent several years in Peru as a missionary before eventually joining South America Mission in 2007. Becca went on a short-term mission trip to Peru in 2003 after graduating with a nursing degree, and soon thereafter decided to return for a longer term. Marshall and Becca’s paths never crossed during those years, but eventually, they found a connecting point—both (at different times) had studied under the same language school instructor who prodded them separately and individually to reach out to one another. Marshall eventually contacted Becca to introduce himself; they were married 11 months later and have been serving with SAM in Peru ever since.

Based in Pucallpa, Marshall and Becca are both very passionate about teaching, encouraging, and equipping others to walk with Christ. As they intentionally invest in the people around them, they love to watch God transform lives by the power of the Gospel and through prayer. Their desire, and SAM’s desire, is to see the local church strengthened through discipleship and leadership development so that entire communities come to embody the Kingdom of God. Marshall also teaches upper-level history and Bible courses at SAM Academy, using the classroom as a platform for the gospel and discipleship of high school students.

The Kitron kids are Simon, Alaina, and Arielle.

    Ministry: Peru Field, GO Fund

    Each of South America Mission’s countries of service incurs costs associated with managing and facilitating ministry and caring for missionaries (e.g. compliance with local government regulations, operating a field office, stewarding field finances, etc.) Resources allocated in support of the general operations of the Peru field directly support the infrastructure essential to ministry.

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