Mayer, Melody

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Melody is a short-term missionary serving in children’s ministry during her gap year between high school and university studies. The Lord first captured her heart for missions when she was 8 years old and as she serves in Bogotá, Colombia this next year, Melody hopes to grow closer to God, learn more about herself, and discover new skills or passions that will help her become a more effective ambassador for Christ.

Melody is partnering with the Fundación Comunidad Viva (FCV) in Bogotá, Colombia. FCV is a Colombian foundation and partner ministry with SAM that is working to shape the narrative of peace in Colombian communities. The “heartbeat” of this movement is a growing network of house churches that unites neighbors and helps engage believers in the process of social transformation in their communities. Melody will work within this house church movement and the foundation’s children’s ministry to learn and serve in their process. She will also partner with two SAM missionary families to help provide childcare and enable their parents to have more time and energy to devote to ministry expansion and development.

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    Ministry: Fundación Comunidad Viva

    Fundación Comunidad Viva is a Colombian foundation started by Jorge and Ginny Enciso, leaders of SAM Colombia’s Bogotá team. At the heart of Comunidad Viva are house churches (Casas Corazones) who collectively meet monthly as Ciudad Corazón.

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