Merwin, Hillary

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Hillary is a missionary in Bogota, Colombia. Having grown up in the church, she struggled with assurance of salvation for many years. It wasn’t until college at a Passion Conference in Atlanta that God opened her eyes to her need for his grace and that she was created for his glory. In that she found great joy and peace. Hillary enjoys music and getting to know people personally.

Hillary is part of a church-planting team engaging in holistic ministry to seek the welfare of Bogota. More than anything, her ministry is about discipleship, worship, and dispensing grace to a world in need. Hillary has a passion to share the gospel and see urban centers transformed by God’s power.

    Ministry: Colombia Field, GO Fund

    South America Mission’s countries of service incur costs associated with catalyzing and managing ministry initiatives. We also invest resources in the infrastructure and services necessary to shepherd a vision-driven missionary community (e.g., compliance with local government regulations, operating a field office, stewarding field finances, pastoral care, etc.).

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    Ministry: Fundación Comunidad Viva

    Fundación Comunidad Viva is a Colombian foundation started by Jorge and Ginny Enciso, leaders of SAM Colombia’s Bogotá team. At the heart of Comunidad Viva are house churches (Casas Corazones) who collectively meet monthly as Ciudad Corazón.

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