Pappas, Stephen

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Stephen Pappas serves in the Home Office in Fort Mill, SC, as the office manager and short-term mission team coordinator. He first heard about SAM through his local church’s partnership with SAM. When first interviewing for the position, he did not know his connection to SAM dated back to his parents’ time in college with Bill and Lennie Ogden. The Ogdens are longtime members of SAM and Bill is a former executive director.

Besides keeping the office gears moving, Stephen desires to glorify Christ by helping people grow in their understanding of what it means to not only believe the gospel for justification but live in it for all of life.

    Ministry: Vision Fund (Core Support)

    At the heart of God’s strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission is the multiplication of the church. “Going” and “making disciples” and “church” are all fundamentally about people, God’s redemptive agents.

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