Mercado, Placido & Toni

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Placido and Toni lead SAM Bolivia’s Indigenous Rural Outreach team. Both medical doctors, the Mercados serve holistically, and selflessly, to meet the great physical as well as spiritual needs of the indigenous and rural peoples of eastern Bolivia.

Placido is Bolivian. Toni is a third-generation missionary, having grown up in Brazil. They have been instrumental in establishing a Bolivian foundation (Raphá), whose vision is to see self-sustaining indigenous and rural churches and communities flourishing by virtue of the well-being of their individual members.

    Ministry: Indigenous Rural Outreach

    Formerly called the Ayoré Holistic Ministry, this team is expanding their reach to include other indigenous and rural people along with the Ayoré. The IRO (Indigenous Rural Outreach) Team is committed to serving individuals and communities as a means of building relationships and following the example of Christ.

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    Ministry: Bolivia Church Planting

    As God’s people live authentically the local church takes on the beauty God desires for it. God’s church is a gathering of people through which He offers redemption—in individuals, families, cities and nations.

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    Ministry: Fundación Raphá Bolivia

    Fundación Raphá exists to see self-sustaining indigenous and rural communities flourishing by virtue of the well-being of their individual members. Raphá partners closely with FRALIC, Bolivia’s Fraternity of Indigenous Christian Leaders.

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