Warrick, Drew

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Originally from Hollywood, FL, Drew joined SAM in 2020 after graduating from the University of Florida. Drew first got to know SAM through a short-term trip to Peru in high school. He returned to Peru on a second short-term trip. He also participated in short-term ministry in Jamaica and in Chattanooga, TN. An internship with Hope for the Inner City in Chattanooga, TN helped solidify Drew’s calling toward ministry. He is eager to participate in international missions as he continues his journey in exploring what God has planned for his future.

Drew serves with our TEAM partners at Rancho El Camino, which aims to serve children, youth, and families in La Paz, Mexico through camps and recreational ministries, community development initiatives, leadership training programs, and church based ministries. Drew helps out with many of the children and youth ministries. He is working closely with the agricultural supervisor the Ranch’s aquaponics system, a process of sustainable agriculture that uses fish to fertilize plants, which thus filters and cleans the water. The produce grown through this system supplies food for staff members and Ranch events.

While serving in ministry, Drew completed Spanish language school and started seminary online at Birmingham Theological Seminary. Pray for the ways that Drew weaves ministry and education together to bless these ministries.