Opportunity: Missionary Care/Orientation

South America Mission adds value to our sending church partnerships by receiving new missionaries well as they arrive in their assigned contexts of ministry. Prayerful attention is given to welcoming and integrating missionaries into their new ministry and cultural contexts; we are looking for missionaries who can contribute to fortifying our community by giving this attention as their ministry focus. The responsibilities of a Missionary Care and Orientation facilitator include but are not limited to:

  • maintain field orientation manuals and lead new missionaries through the orientation process;
  • help with housing arrangements and navigating the Visa process for new arrivals;
  • be aware of new missionaries in the pipeline in order to keep field teams abreast of projected arrival dates and to ensure that teams are ready to integrate new members;
  • be aware of missionary professional development and pastoral needs in order to coordinate proper care with field leadership;
  • work with ministry team leaders to maintain a general understanding of ministry team personnel needs in order to liaise with field directors and SAM’s mobilization director to facilitate sending.

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Team Logistics and Project Management

Alongside missionary orientation and care is the administrative role of logistics. Each of our fields has missionaries who help out with the logistics of visa applications, transportation, vehicle registration, and short-term team oversight.

When short-term teams visit a missionary field, it can become more distracting than helpful to the ministry. A team logistics lead or project manager helps to prepare short-term teams for their service, receives the team on the field, oversees their budget, and manages their resources while in-country. This role is crucial to the effectiveness of short-term teams and the longevity of missionaries who receive these teams.

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