Opportunity: School Director

To manage all facets of the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center and to provide spiritual and educational leadership according to the school’s vision and mission.

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: A master’s degree or higher is highly preferred in the field of Christian Education and Educational Leadership from an accredited university with 3 successful years or more as principal or director of a Christian, private or public school. Varied classroom experience is also highly recommended.

Candidate for Director of the SCCLC must have a personal testimony of salvation and display a strong spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ in his/her personal and professional life. He or she must have the ability to maintain a harmonious and open working relationship with the SCCLC School Board. The Director will prepare the annual operating budget recommendations based on guidelines set by the School Board, work with the Board to develop the final budget and implement the approved budget.

Essential to this position is the development and implementation of objectives and long-range plans for curriculum and instructional evaluation and improvement.

The Director hires or assigns school principals, ensures the hiring of highly qualified, competent personnel, assigns, transfers and removes employees as the interests of the school may indicate in coordination with the school principals, assures professional development opportunities are provided to the school staff, assures systematic performance evaluation of school personnel and takes necessary actions regarding any employee whose performance is judged to be unsatisfactory, holds such meetings of school personnel as are necessary for discussion of matters related to the welfare and improvement of the school and oversees employee relations in the school.

The Director must always take necessary steps to assure the safety and welfare of students and employees in the school and at school sponsored activities.

Records for the school, including financial accounts, business and property records, personnel, scholastic and school population records are maintained by the Director. He or she acts as custodian of such records and of all contracts, documents, securities, title papers, books and other papers of the School Board.

The Director maintains open lines of communication and cooperative working relationships with other boards and governmental bodies. When appropriate, he or she attends meetings of town agencies at which matters relating to the school system appear on the agenda or are expected to be raised. Maintaining open lines of communication and cooperative relationships with school staff, the School Board, parents and the community at-large is essential.

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