Opportunity: University Ministry

University Ministry

As Latin America continues to see its population urbanize rapidly, the cities are housing more and more university students. We see university ministry as a vital element in community transformation, directly mentoring and enabling the next generation of community leaders.

Peru: Ayacucho and Pucallpa

College ministry in Peru is based in two distinct locations. Pucallpa is a growing city on the edge of the Amazon jungle in central Peru. The number of college students continues to increase each year and the Pucallpa team is looking for volunteers to minister to these students.

Ayacucho, Peru, is a rural mountain city in southern Peru. Capital of its region, Ayacucho is a central commercial hub in this section of the Andes mountains and has its own university. The Ayacucho Team is a church planting team, currently building its network in Ayacucho through a variety of ministry efforts. They are looking for volunteers to help begin university ministry in their efforts to grow the local church.

To learn more about these positions’ requirements or about other ministries in Peru, contact us today at mobilization@southamericamission.org

Bolivia: Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is Bolivia’s largest city and its economic center. With a population of close to 3 million people, this city hosts many of Bolivia’s universities and draws thousands of hopeful workers each month to its opportunities.

There are many entrance points into university ministry in Santa Cruz. El Alfarero (meaning “The Potter”) is a university center which offers classes, counseling and work opportunities to university students in Santa Cruz. The local Evangelical university hosts ESL teachers and many local churches have college-aged groups in need of mentorship. With a background in discipleship, ESL, counseling, sports, or music, your passions can directly translate into ministry in Bolivia.

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