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Drew Warrick

Drew serves at Rancho El Camino in La Paz, Mexico. The Ranch serves the youth and families of the area through camps and recreational ministries, community development initiatives, leadership training programs, and church-based ministries. In April, the Ranch held a basketball camp in the local neighborhoods, which was followed by a four-day overnight Easter camp at the Ranch the following week. On the last night of the camp, they fellowshipped around a huge bonfire, and one of the youth shared his testimony in front of over forty of his peers. It is incredible to see how God is transforming his life and shaping him into a leader in the community. Many of the youth walked away from the camp with a greater understanding of the importance of following God’s will in their life and in their community. Pray for Drew and the ministry of Rancho El Camino.


As we begin 2023, pray God’s blessing over SAM’s partnerships in Mexico. Pray for ministries, relationships, and planning for the year ahead. Our team includes Drew Warrick and TEAM partners Pete and Emily Johnson.


Carlos and Sandy Rios are currently meeting with a family they connected with through their VBS each Friday in order to study the Bible with them. The family is growing deeper in their knowledge of God’s Word. The mother recently invited her boss and son. There are now six families in the neighborhood that the members of the Rioses’s church are visiting and studying with. Praise God for the desire of these families to know Him more! Pray that this new knowledge would transform their lives.


In Los Cabos, Mexico, ladies from three churches, founded by The Evangelical Association Team (TEAM), host an annual ladies’ Christmas dinner together. Pray that friends who attend are responsive to the gospel message, and are encouraged by the witness of these faithful ladies.

TEAM – Mexico

Art and Vicki Reyes are missionaries with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), an organization collaborating with South America Mission. Please pray for the Reyeses as they share Christ’s love to La Payita Church in San José del Cabo, Mexico. Pray that God’s Word is impactful and transforming to this church community, and many respond with a clear passion for God’s mission.

TEAM – Mexico

South America Mission (SAM) and The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) have been collaborating together to further God’s global purposes. Please pray for TEAM missionaries Art and Vicki Reyes serving in Southern Baja, Mexico, as they hold their plans loosely during “Hurricane Month”. Please pray for safety and opportunities to share the Gospel in their community.

TEAM – Mexico

Pray for Brandon and Rachel Maston who are serving in La Paz for eight months. Their focus will be on making videos and graphic designs for the ministries there. Please pray for continued adjustment to language and culture, an excellent experience for them, and for their time to be fruitful for the Kingdom.

TEAM – Mexico

Pray for Ralph and Ellen Shepard who recently added a new missionary couple to their ministry team and a couple of interns for the school year. Please pray for the individual adjustments to a new culture and ministry context as well as the change in team dynamics.

TEAM – Mexico

Pray for Abby Coster and the team of which she is a part as they minister to kids, youth, and families through ministries and daily life. Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit to soften hearts to receive Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and righteousness.

TEAM – Mexico

Pray for Carlos and Sandy Rios and the church plant in Guadalajara as it has its third annual Vacation Bible School August 8-12. They anticipate having 35 kids participate. Pray that God will send children who are spiritually hungry and ready to respond to the gospel and draw new families to join the life of the church. Pray for those serving at the VBS, that as they minister together, they will grow in the Lord, be strongly united, experience the joy of sharing the gospel, and be led by the Holy Spirit.

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