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Pray for: the AMI Training Center

Friday, May 6th, 2022

The Ami training center provides indigenous pastoral training to the many tribes scattered throughout Brazil’s Amazon region. Students come to the Ami campus where they live, study and serve for eight months of the year. The Ami staff is multi-ethnic and participates in all aspects of the students’ training. Students train in scripture knowledge and practical life skills such as agriculture, health and sanitation.

Pray for missionary Vera Bergson who coordinates classes and academic activities. 

Pray for first year students who endure the challenge of traveling and adjusting to the training center, while also often learning portuguese in the process. 

Pray for one young lady in particular who decided to repeat the first year to better understand Portuguese. 

Pray for second year students as they continue studying and learning to engage with different cultures. 

Pray for third year students who will be graduating this year. Pray that God will guide their next steps as they seek opportunities to apply what they learned during their time at Ami.

Pray for the other missionaries and Brazilian staff serving at Ami.