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Pray for: Wayuu Educational Initiatives in the Guajira, Colombia

Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

The jaro Foundation continues to support Wayuu educational initiatives in Colombia. 

jaro empowers community members to take the lead in educating children and adults who were never provided the opportunity to study in their youth. Through teacher training, deepened friendship, and partnership, these communities are moving toward realizing the dreams that they have held onto for years.

Thanks to a partnership with Alfalit International, the Wayuu have new preschools to serve children. Through the preschool reinforcement centers, young students can strengthen foundational skills to help them succeed when it comes time to start primary education.

Please pray for the youngest to the oldest students. Pray that they can finish the courses that they start! Countless obstacles can easily derail folks from crossing the finish line. Also, please pray for the leaders and volunteers of these educational programs in the Guajira.