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Creemos que América del Sur debe ser ganado para Cristo por los sudamericanos, y que la única manera de que habrá suficiente creyentes testificación para cumplir la visión es a través del discipulado y la formación de los cristianos locales que Dios está poniendo en el liderazgo dentro de las iglesias.

Pray for: Katrina Smith June 21st, 2024

Katrina is supporting the work of Paz y Esperanza, a legal group in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, working towards justice and peace in the city. After many months of earning their trust and forming friendships, Katrina is forming Bible studies with the other workers. Please pray for fellowship and mutual support as they learn and share life together.

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Unleash your gifts and servant heart in Pucallpa, a vibrant city in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, as part of a hands-on summer internship. Immerse yourself in the Peruvian culture by living with a local family, working alongside experienced missionaries, and exploring diverse ministries including ESL, children’s ministry, youth ministry, sports ministry, ministry to the elderly, and evangelistic outreach programs.

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