The phrase, “First of All, Pray!”, inspired by 1 Timothy 2:1, is the name of our prayer ministry. It reflects the prominence of prayer within our community. It’s been a mark of our Mission for more than 100 years. The mark remains. First of all, pray—deliberately, intentionally, and in faith, with praise and thanksgiving.

Bolivia February 20th, 2018

Maddie Pflugh and Hallie Dilworth are interns serving with South America Mission’s Indigenous Rural Outreach Team in Bolivia. Please pray for cohesion among the team members as these ladies transition to the field. Pray for Maddie as she ministers to the Weigner family and pray for Hallie as she works alongside the Weigners in surveying the land for the discipleship center. Pray they both will be able to make impactful relationships with Bolivians.

Colombia February 19th, 2018

Fundación Comunidad Viva

Fundación Comunidad Viva is a dynamic ministry located in Bogota, Colombia. Please pray for their annual Board meetings that will take place in February. Pray that all Board members may travel safely to Bogota and that the business meetings are conducted by the Holy Spirit and that relationships be strengthened.

Peru February 18th, 2018

ayacucho initiative

South America Mission’s Ayacucho Initiative church-planting team works among university students and professionals in the city of Ayacucho, Peru, to lay the ground work for a new church inclined towards both local and national outreach to meet spiritual and physical needs. Please pray for the Ayacucho Church Plant Team as Rick and Donna Martin, Antionette Hendrickson, and Kaylee Wayner return to Ayacucho. The Martins and Antoinette have been in the U.S. since December and Kaylee is returning from a trip to Pucallpa, Peru. Pray for them as they begin ministry again.

North America February 17th, 2018

Sarah Shaffer is a Moody Bible Institute student intending to serve as an intern with SAM in Santa Marta, Colombia this summer. Please pray for Sarah as she is raising support to perform her student teaching at Colegio La Esperanza. Pray also for her preparations for this upcoming ministry opportunity and for her remainder of university studies this semester.

Brazil February 16th, 2018

Indigenous Pastoral Training

The Ami Training Center, established in 1995, has the vision to see a dynamic church in every tribe in Brazil. Februrary 15-16th is teacher orientation at Ami. The 19th-23rd is a member care seminar for the staff and faculty. Pray that they will be encouraged and challenged to their greatest potential for this next school year. Pray also for the new students planning to come, as well as the returning students, that they will arrive with an ardent desire to be diligent in their studies so they can be more like Jesus.

Brazil February 15th, 2018

On February 15th the students and teachers of the Semiraita biblical discipleship program return to continue their studies. Please pray that God would select and send those students that should come. Pray also that the preparation of the campus would be successfully completed and that God would raise up teachers for the material to be covered this year.

Bolivia February 14th, 2018

Aside from their emphasis on spiritual formation and English-speaking environment, the SCCLC’s high standards of academic excellence set a precedent in their community. This prek-12 ministry in Santa Cruz begins three weeks of standardized testing school wide and their teachers will be helping the students to use the data collected to create their own learning goals for the remainder of this school year. Pray that God would oversee all the testing and that data obtained would help continue to strengthen this academic learning institute.

Colombia February 13th, 2018

Teach in Colombia

The Hope Christian School, or Colegio Cristiano La Esperanza, is considering expanding, becoming bilingual, and looking for more environmentally healthy ways to handle the energy costs at the school. Please pray that God would give wisdom to those responsible for these decisions. The school is also beginning another school year and new teachers and students are finding their places. There are less students this year than they have had in a very long time. As the Lord has placed each of these people in the institution, please pray for spiritual growth and an impact for eternity.

Brazil February 12th, 2018

Leadership Development often comes in the form of training. Many churches offer Biblical training through Bible studies during retreats. A missionary with South America Mission in Brazil will have the opportunity to teach a series through a local church at their 4-day retreat during the Carnaval holiday. Please pray for opportunities for growth in the Word among the believers as well as an outreach for non-believers who have been invited to participate.

Colombia February 11th, 2018

Chris and Cristi Haylett are missionaries serving with South America Mission in Riohacha, Colombia serving with El Castillo Fuerte Church. Please pray for the English class that the Hayletts host in their home. They read out of sections of the Bible in English for pronunciation practice and then in Spanish for understanding of the passage. This class is for members of the church and people in the community. Pray for the young people and adults in the class who are not Christians, that as they read the word of God, their hearts and minds would be open to understanding and seeking him. Pray that as the word is planted in their hearts, they would have wisdom and be alert and aware of opportunities to talk more deeply with those who are seeking.

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