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South America Mission has been working to see the Church of Jesus Christ multiplied and transforming communities by embodying the Kingdom of God. It has been our privilege to participate in Christ’s sufferings. Some have even laid down their lives. We rejoice in the progress of the gospel, a result of the faithfulness of those who have gone before. Yet our zeal for God’s glory in the nations has not waned.

Today that zeal translates into visible form through our missionaries and partners working to share the gospel, reproduce authentic disciples of Jesus, plant churches, train leaders and equip God’s people to minister transformationally.

Pray for: Hope and Generosity to Lead March 31st, 2020

Hope and Generosity: We have hope today—because of the life of Christ we can know that God is among us, and we can be generous with His good gifts to us. We wait with eager anticipation for the day we dwell for eternity in His presence. It is in this promise and His faithfulness that we anchor ourselves during this present crisis.

Pray for wisdom for SAM’s team in Latin America. As they remain present, pray for eyes to see redemptive possibilities that offer peace and hope to neighbors in despair.

Seeing requires presence, and our ability to be present relies on the generosity of donors who give to see the hope of Christ extended throughout the world. During this era of COVID-19, as you’re able to be generous, we recommend the following to give to for our prolonged presence and effectiveness in Latin America:

CLICK HERE: Crisis Response Fund

Funds donated here will be divided between our missionary team; our intent is to enable their generosity on the front lines and in the specific places God has called them. With the Crisis Response Fund, we are placing more resources at our team’s disposal to share. Gifts to this effort will directly benefit our missionary team and moreover, mobilize them to be agents of mercy and peace.

CLICK HERE: Missionary Support

Gifts to missionary support accounts will be critical to sustaining them in place over the coming months.

INQUIRE HERE: Personal Gifts

These are non tax-deductible gifts that may help meet an immediate need, whether that of our team or of ones they’re ministering to. When possible, donors should reach out to individual SAM missionaries to give directly to them. Otherwise, donors can call our US office at 1-803-802-8580 to inquire about requirements for making personal gifts through South America Mission.

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