What You Can Do

We are not looking for perfect people. We are looking for those God is calling and equipping. Together we can work to build for the Kingdom of God. We need church planters, missionary mobilizers, teachers for schools and leadership training centers, pilots, medical doctors and nurses, accountants, youth pastors, and more.

How Long You Can Do It

Take a look below for the various lengths of time your trip can be.

Project Teams

How long: 1–4 weeks

South America Mission partners with many churches to build bridges between local congregations and contexts of ministry in South America. Often churches will send their members on short-term teams, in partnership with SAM, as a discipleship measure and effective way to help SAM accomplish some of its ministry implementations. Construction, children’s VBS, ESL training and medical outreach are great ways for teams to engage. For more information, contact teams@southamericamission.org.


How long: 2 weeks to 4 months of ministry exploration by immersion

Our internships provide a hands-on ministry experience and real exposure to missionary work. They are ideal for young people looking to understand God’s call on their life. Because we are a small organization, we can work with qualified individuals to custom build an internship. We also offer summer internships to college students. To find out more or to request an application, e-mail mobilization@southamericamission.org.

Special Service Personnel

How long: 6–12 months. Fill a need now!

The SSP program is designed to get qualified individuals to the field quickly to fill a particular need. These missionaries are often teachers, technology specialists, or aircraft mechanics. As employees of the mission, SSPs raise support and receive a basic salary to cover living expenses. SSPs have a great opportunity to make a real contribution while learning the language and culture and to grow spiritually as they are mentored by more experienced missionaries.

Associate Member

How long: 2–3 years. A season of service.

Associate Members are missionaries who make up to a three-year commitment to serve the Lord in South America. Associates participate in our annual Candidate Orientation and receive language training according to their ministry assignment. They are directly involved in key ministries, including life-on-life discipleship. The Mission is committed to the ongoing development of Associates as they consider a lifetime of service.

Full Member

How long: 4 years or more. Building into the future

Members have demonstrated a clear call to mission work and are committed to becoming most effective in cross-cultural ministry. Member Missionaries, along with Associates, prayerfully set the direction of our ministries and provide stability and vision.

How to Get Going

Discerning God’s purposes for his people involves prayer and reflection, done in community. The Journey Process is designed to explore God’s calling together.

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