The phrase, “First of All, Pray!”, inspired by 1 Timothy 2:1, is the name of our prayer ministry. It reflects the prominence of prayer within our community. It’s been a mark of our Mission for more than 100 years. The mark remains. First of all, pray—deliberately, intentionally, and in faith, with praise and thanksgiving.

Peru July 20th, 2017

Pray for the Junikuin youth as they attend a camp in Grau on the Purus River July 27-29. Pray that many kids will come to know the Lord and that others will be encouraged in their walk with the Lord. Pray for those leading the camp to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and work.

Bolivia July 19th, 2017

Please pray for our Bolivia field and partners as they have been undergoing trials and opposition over the past few months. Pray that the Lord will strengthen them in their inner beings, give them peace, that truth and justice will prevail, and that those opposing will be led to repentance and faith in Christ.

Brazil July 18th, 2017

Continue praying for Mary DeLille and the sewing class and Bible study she is doing with women in the community. Pray for the Lord’s leading in conversations they have while learning to sew and for Him to use the skills they learn to help provide for their families.

TEAM – Guatemala July 17th, 2017

Pray for Amie Bockstahler and her medical ministry to nurses in Guatemala City. Pray for deepening relationships with the 31 nursing students in her class and for the opportunities for discipleship. Pray for these Guatemalan nurses to grow in providing quality health care to those in need while also sharing the hope and spiritual healing found in Christ.

North America July 16th, 2017

Please pray for Mike and Marcy Brown and their children on Home Ministry Assignment (HMA) until early October. They just completed their first term of ministry with SAM and are taking a few months to reconnect with partners and share about their experience over the past two years. Pray for a fruitful HMA that will propel them back into ministry at SAM Academy.

Brazil July 15th, 2017

Pray for the soccer and music school ministries as the semester comes to an end. Pray that their time learning discipline, athletic skills, and music skills this past semester will open their hearts and minds to the work of God in their lives and bear good fruit in them.

Peru July 14th, 2017

Pray for Granito de Amor (Grain of Love), a ministry comprised of young Peruvians who have a heart to love and serve children and their families in hospitals and local schools. SAM Academy students have been able to join several of their outreaches. Pray for Dick Tafur Villacorta as he leads this ministry to bless those in the community with the gospel.

Colombia July 13th, 2017

Pray for a short-term team from Summit Church traveling to Riohacha later this month. Pray that the team will be a blessing to the community and El Castillo Fuerte Church. This team is comprised of people from small groups that Eve Van Devender was a part of while living in NC, so it will be an exciting time to reconnect with Eve and also get to see and participate in ministry they’ve been supporting financially and prayerfully over the past couple of years.

North America July 12th, 2017

Please pray for Emilee Dickman who is on Home Ministry Assignment through September. Pray for good support raising opportunities and good communication about her ministry in Bolivia and needs associated with it. Pray that her time on HMA will also be good preparation for returning to a new position at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center upon her return to the field.

Peru July 11th, 2017

Pray for Rick and Donna Martin as they continue learning the culture of Ayacucho and making friends. Pray that as they invite people into their home to share meals and build relationships, the Lord will open doors to share the gospel and guide and direct their vision and efforts for church planting in Ayacucho. Pray for Antoinette Hendrickson as she continues studying Spanish in preparation to join the Martins.

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