Proven Leader Partnership

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God is on the move in South America. One of the great tools for His glory is a generation of godly men and women who are effectively proclaiming Christ in their own cultures. They are being the church, and the world is taking notice.

The Proven Leader Partnership is a program of South America Mission to help US churches support the work of the Lord through these men and women. The program is designed to maximize impact and sustainability while minimizing disruption and distortion. To date, nearly $40,000 has been granted to proven leaders with great fruit.

Building On Success
Over the century of South America Mission’s ministry there have been ups and downs, opportunities and challenges, miracles and attacks, open and closed doors. Most of all, however, there has been God’s blessing on building His church in South America. South America Mission has been directly involved in planting hundreds of churches, reaching tribes, training pastors and leaders, and the formation of national or regional church associations.

Today, in fact, there are more than 400 leaders prepared in our programs actively serving in church leadership. These are not simply graduates, but disciples who have accepted God’s call, are living lives faithful to the Gospel and are leading their churches and communities. This success presents a new challenge for South America Mission. As these leaders have been faithful, we now want to keep faith by further investing in them and equipping them for the leadership roles they have assumed.

Taking the Next Step
The next step of leadership development must be personalized. Some may need to pursue advanced education, others may need training in conflict resolution or counseling; others may need funds to take a much-needed study sabbatical so they can bring a fresh and relevant message to their congregations. Our long-term relationships with these proven leaders enables us to ensure we have a development plan appropriate to the leader and their context of ministry. The track records of these proven leaders give us the confidence that we are investing where God’s Spirit is already at work.

South America Mission has been extremely pleased with the results we have to date. In expanding the project, we hope to better serve US churches committed to God’s purposes in the world. Our hope is that initial partners will become long-term investors because of the joy of the harvest. Please consider joining South America Mission’s Proven Leader Partnership initiative.