Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC)

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The Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC) is an ACSI-accredited Christian school located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This pre-k through 12th grade institution seeks to see students and faculty transform society through God-honoring service.

The SCCLC develops students academically and spiritually with a vision for impacting the world. Graduates receive both international and local diplomas in preparation for global engagement. The SCCLC’s high standards of academic excellence, emphasis on spiritual formation, and English-speaking environment combine to attract students from families with influence in business and politics as well as in local churches.

Reaching students and their families for Christ, across Bolivian society makes the SCCLC a strategic platform for transformation. The unique relationships that teachers develop with their students is one of the beautiful aspects of the SCCLC’s community. Class sizes remain small compared to public schools so that the student-teacher relationship has room to develop. At the secondary level, teachers often accompany youth programs such as retreats and camps, which give them incredible opportunities to foster mentoring relationships with their students.

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