Lee, Ally

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Ally Lee serves in Ayacucho, Peru and at JAARS, a Wycliffe training center, in Waxhaw, NC. Originally from NY, she served in Bolivia at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC) for three years before returning to the US in 2013 to serve as a Missions Coach in the Mobilization Department, specifically focused on mobilizing teachers to the SCCLC. Joining SAM in 2009, Ally has had the opportunity to serve in Bolivia, the SAM home office, and now seeks to return back to full-time ministry.

Serving in Ayacucho, Peru, Ally will be supporting a church planting movement through discipleship, training, and curriculum development. She will be involved in developing English classes for a strategic outreach initiative, supporting the growth of community life groups, and serving alongside the church planting team.

Ally will also continue to serve on staff with the Learning & Development (L&D) Department at the JAARS center in Waxhaw, NC, each January-March. L&D seeks to strengthen others for service through a variety of training opportunities, including the Intercultural Communications Course (ICC) which provides cross-cultural training for missionaries preparing for overseas service. ICC equips missionaries with strategies for maintaining longevity and a sustainable relationship with the Lord while on the mission field.

As Ally considers her life and God’s invitation for her to be a part of His greater Story, she can find no better place than to serve in missions. She desires for God to be praised among the nations and for His Church to be the light that transforms the communities in which they serve.

    Ministry: Ayacucho Initiative

    South America Mission’s Ayacucho Initiative church-planting team works among university students and professionals, in the city of Ayacucho, Peru, to lay the ground work for a new church inclined towards both local and national outreach that meets spiritual and physical needs.

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