Cubas, Cesar & Grace

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In 2021, Cesar and Grace officially retired after 40 years of gospel ministry with South America Mission. Their presence in Bolivia and Peru brought the gospel of grace to hundreds of people. Even in retirement, Cesar and Grace continue serving as missionaries in Puerto Supe, Peru. They feel that their commitment to ministry in Puerto Supe continues as long as the Lord provides and their health permits.

Cesar, a Peruvian, came to Christ as a young man through the influence of SAM missionary, Jim Eifert. Grace served as a single missionary in Peru. While in Peru, she met Cesar, and they fell in love. Their faithful labor is a great testimony and example for the church. Truly, they desire to see a broken community transformed and made new by the gospel.

Working in Puerto Supe with Comunidad Cristiana, Cesar and Grace shepherd the congregation as they engage a small and hurting community in need of Christ. They also bring renewal through community development, social justice, and church planting. Throughout the community, there are pockets of new life that are springing up to the praise of Christ’s glory

    Ministry: Puerto Supe Ministries

    The South America Mission team in Puerto Supe works with low-income people living in the central coastal area of Peru. We aim to create lasting change in this community through social, economic, and spiritual renewal.

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