Bergson, Don & Vera

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Don and Vera have committed their lives to training leaders for the indigenous churches of Brazil. They have two children, Filipe and Amanda, who reside in Florida. Their children cherish the memories of growing up among Indigenous friends and enjoying the Brazilian waterfalls.

The Bergsons serve with the Ammi Training Center in Chapada. Established in 1995, Ammi’s vision is to see a dynamic church in every tribe in Brazil. They seek to make disciples in every tribe of Brazil, teaching them to faithfully follow His commandments to the end of time. Ammi provides indigenous pastoral training to the many tribes scattered throughout Brazil’s Amazon. More than 70% of their graduates have either started ministries in their own villages or serve as Bible translators or missionaries. This ministry is both dynamic and challenging, as the team sometimes works with up to nine different ethnic groups simultaneously.

Vera serves as the academic coordinator, overseeing curriculums, classes, and teachers. Additionally, she has developed a method of teaching Portuguese as a second language to those who arrive at Ammi with no prior understanding of the official language of Brazil.

Don teaches first and second-year classes. In the first year, students learn 74 Bible stories, from Genesis to Revelation in their own context of orality. Don also helps maintain the expansive 40-acre property. He leads afternoon work sessions where the team and students work shoulder to shoulder. Twice a year, he leads trips to remote villages with the students, providing them with hands-on experience to apply their studies.

Don and Vera love seeing eyes opened to the power of the Holy Spirit as Bible stories are told, and world visions are broken and transformed. Only Jesus.

    Ministry: Brazil Field, GO Fund

    The countries where South America Mission operates incur various costs in managing and facilitating ministry, as well as ensuring the well-being of missionaries. These expenses encompass complying with local government regulations, maintaining field offices, managing field finances, and more.

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    The Ammi Training Center, established in 1995, wants to see a dynamic church in every tribe in Brazil.

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    Ministry: Ammi Training Center

    The Ammi Training Center, established in 1995, wants to see a dynamic church in every tribe in Brazil. With the vision to see disciples of Jesus Christ in every tribe, Ammi provides Bible and leadership training to Indigenous people scattered throughout Brazil.

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