How to Get Going

1. Preliminary Information Form

The first step is to submit a “Prelim” online. This gives us some basic information about you, your background and your interest in ministry.

Get started!
Once we’ve reviewed your form, we’ll make a decision together about continuing the process. If you’re looking for an internship (less than 6 months), fill out the Contact Form.

2. Contact Your Church

Next we’ll contact your pastor or other spiritual elder. We really believe that involving the local church is a critical part of sending missionaries. If your church is excited about your proceeding, we’ll move on to the next step.

3. Application, Section 1

The next stage goes a little deeper into the facts about you. We especially want to learn more about your background in ministry and what you hope for in a relationship with a mission organization. This is also the time that we ask you to supply references – not just friends and employers, but people who have witnessed God’s working in your life.

4. Application, Section 2

Is the Spirit still tugging at your heart? After we’ve prayed with you through Section 1 and contacted your references, it’s time to decide again to take the next step. Section 2 is the “Get to Know You” stage. We’ll ask you to share your life story, talk about your faith, and provide a theological defense, among other things. This is usually the most valuable section for candidates as they reflect on God’s faithfulness and consider His person. (Special Service Personnel applicants will complete an abbreviated version and would be appointed after this stage.)

5. Candidate Orientation (Associates and Members)

Candidate Orientation is the final step to appointment as an Associate or Member missionary. You’ll spend two weeks learning about the ministries and vision of South America Mission, worshiping and growing in community together with us. It’s a time of decision… but also a time of celebration.

Remember, we are not looking for perfect people. We are serving a perfect God! No matter how God leads, we want the applicant to know Christ more deeply through this process. We also want to experience God’s grace together as we see how He uses imperfect people to accomplish His perfect purposes.