The phrase, “First of All, Pray!”, inspired by 1 Timothy 2:1, is the name of our prayer ministry. It reflects the prominence of prayer within our community. It’s been a mark of our Mission for more than 100 years. The mark remains. First of all, pray—deliberately, intentionally, and in faith, with praise and thanksgiving.

COVID Compassion Prayers June 11th, 2020

No one knows how long COVID-19, or the side effects of our fight against it, will last. Latin America has emerged as the epicenter of the pandemic. Please stand in prayer with missionaries throughout Latin America as they serve those in great need.

  • Pray for good health and safety as missionaries and local churches serve — whether by delivering food, evacuating people or serving in medical facilities. Ask God to give them wisdom in every situation.
  • Pray for continued funds to buy relief supplies. As local communities run low on funds, global churches, from the U.S. to Germany, are stepping up. Missionaries are also applying for grants to fund COVID-19 ministry efforts.
  • Pray for greater understanding of and love for local communities. Good missionaries always strive to understand those they serve, but a crisis bonds people in a unique way. Pray that this time of hardship won’t be wasted, and that relationships will be even stronger by the end.
  • Ask God to open hearts to Him. Pray that missionaries and local believers will make clear what motivates them to serve others. Ask that people will see their service as a demonstration of God’s love for them.
  • Ask God to show you how you can serve your own neighbors. We all know people in various states of need. Ask God to reveal who He would have you serve right now, and ask Him how to do it.

Hope and Generosity to Lead March 31st, 2020

Hope and Generosity: We have hope today—because of the life of Christ we can know that God is among us, and we can be generous with His good gifts to us. We wait with eager anticipation for the day we dwell for eternity in His presence. It is in this promise and His faithfulness that we anchor ourselves during this present crisis.

Pray for wisdom for SAM’s team in Latin America. As they remain present, pray for eyes to see redemptive possibilities that offer peace and hope to neighbors in despair.

Seeing requires presence, and our ability to be present relies on the generosity of donors who give to see the hope of Christ extended throughout the world. During this era of COVID-19, as you’re able to be generous, we recommend the following to give to for our prolonged presence and effectiveness in Latin America:

CLICK HERE: Crisis Response Fund

Funds donated here will be divided between our missionary team; our intent is to enable their generosity on the front lines and in the specific places God has called them. With the Crisis Response Fund, we are placing more resources at our team’s disposal to share. Gifts to this effort will directly benefit our missionary team and moreover, mobilize them to be agents of mercy and peace.

CLICK HERE: Missionary Support

Gifts to missionary support accounts will be critical to sustaining them in place over the coming months.

INQUIRE HERE: Personal Gifts

These are non tax-deductible gifts that may help meet an immediate need, whether that of our team or of ones they’re ministering to. When possible, donors should reach out to individual SAM missionaries to give directly to them. Otherwise, donors can call our US office at 1-803-802-8580 to inquire about requirements for making personal gifts through South America Mission.

SAM Response to COVID-19 March 17th, 2020

FORT MILL, SC, March 17, 2020—First, we’re responding to the spread of COVID-19 by mobilizing people to pray: pray for the health and well-being of the communities in the countries where we serve; pray for God’s intent for good through this crisis to be seen and known; and pray for protection for those whom you support but, moreover, pray they will have eyes to see and wills to seize the redemptive possibility that comes in the midst of this chaos.

South America Mission is being careful to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect our staff, members and partners.

  1. We’re monitoring daily the developing situation in countries where SAM members are serving. In Latin America, SAM members are adhering to the controls and safeguards implemented by their local and national authorities. We’re also following recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control.
  2. We have arranged for US office staff to work from home if necessary. All SAM business is being conducted virtually when possible and all outside in-person meetings are limited. Field conferences scheduled for March-April have been postponed.
  3. Donations Processing will continue, but check processing may be delayed during social distancing. If you have questions, call our Donor Relations department at 803-802-8580. Also, this is an ideal time to give via EFT through our website, instead of by check.

Contact: Ken Massey,

Pray for Important February 2019 Training Event January 17th, 2019

From Feb 8-16, in Fort Mill, SC and in Ridgecrest, NC, candidates from SAM and TEAM seeking to serve internationally in gospel ministry will gather for a week of training. Please pray for the candidates’ ability to hear and see God’s direction as they learn about ministry contexts in Latin America, histories of missions, and the challenges facing international Christian workers today. Above all, pray that these training  efforts will produce more laborers equipped to take the gospel of grace to all corners of the world. 

Latin America Leadership and Board Meetings November 2nd, 2018

At the beginning of November, leaders from SAM and TEAM ministries in Latin America are gathering in the Charlotte, NC area for a week of annual meetings. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal strategies and scope of ministry efforts for 2019. Pray for fellowship and the renewal of passion and vision for the work that God has given this team. Also, pray for the annual November meeting of the Board of Directors of South America Mission. The Board meetings will launch on Friday, November 9, with presentations from the ministry areas leaders.

September Prayer Focus—Organizational Excellence September 27th, 2018

Pray for our field administrators and our need for more missionaries gifted with administration. Ask God to provide leadership and gospel-workers gifted in accounting to bring necessary and much-needed support to our fields and the overall integrity of our field finances and strategy. Pray that God would sustain the work of our current field administrators as they balance ministry, administration and their own families.

September Prayer Focus—Organizational Excellence September 25th, 2018

Pray for SAM, TEAM, SEND, and Crossworld as they officially form a new association this month. September marks the founding of this association wherein we hope to see more effective strategies developed, leveraging our organizational strengths across our entities to continue to improve systems and visions between our like-minded gospel-centered initiatives. Pray for the wise design of the structure of this association, that it would promote kingdom-mindedness and not just create another entity to maintain. Pray that the communication of this collaboration to supporters would encourage their joy in the gospel and cultivate joy in Jesus and not in individual organizations.

September Prayer Focus—Organizational Excellence September 21st, 2018

Pray for the upcoming November Leadership Meetings. This year SAM and TEAM will be participating in strategic leadership meetings together once more, collaborating effectively on strategy for Latin America. Pray for our leaders as they plan and prepare for these meetings, that they would have a common vision for their time together. Ask God to bless the partnership of SAM and TEAM as we seek to grow his kingdom in one accord. Pray that this gathering of Latin American missional leadership would be a fruitful time of prayer and vision for God’s glory.

September Prayer Focus—Organizational Excellence September 19th, 2018

Pray for financial generosity to ministry throughout the final months of this fiscal year. Ask God to provide for and fully fund our missionaries and ministries. Pray also for SAM’s Vision Fund which enables SAM to invest in new ministry endeavors, mobilization of more missionaries and the shepherding of our team. Pray that God would provide financial resources to the Vision Fund to allow our team to continue to grow and serve our missionary community well.

September Prayer Focus—Organizational Excellence September 17th, 2018

Pray for our Proven Leader Partnership program which provides further education for proven leaders through church partnerships. Partnership with key churches allows SAM to invest in further education which enhances our Latin American partners’ effectiveness in ministry. PLP funds help provide grants to key Latin American partners to study and grow in their ministry area. Ask God to provide funding for the training for leaders in the South American church.

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